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On Sep 8, 2018 I was privileged to step into the Red-Circle of TEDx in Santa Barbara. As most of you know, TED is one of the world's most prestigious speaking conferences and speakers have ranged from former presidents to prominent celebrities and scientists. My talk was titled “Unmuting Millions of Voices One Story at a Time - How, in a place of unimaginable terror, hope grew from a water bottle and a rose.” My talk was mainly focused on the necessity of giving the oppressed around the world a voice. The backdrop was Syria and the plight of its heroic people. During my talk I reflected on my own experience with the making of my recent film titled LITTLE GANDHI, an Oscar contender documentary about iconic Syrian peace activist Ghiyath Matar who was known for facing down gunfire and violence with white roses and water bottles.   

Even though I was fortunate enough to speak in the past at the U.S. Congress, Canadian Parliament, International Criminal Court, and United Nations, the TEDx stage for me was by far the most nerve-wrecking platform! Perhaps the pressure of knowing that what I was about to share with the public could be the beginning of a movement is what made me nervous. Possibly the responsibility to deliver the right message for such a complex story about the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II is what shook me. Or maybe it was that iconic red circle, 9' in diameter was more intimidating than I'd expected. I've never been afraid of a rug before!

I am excited to share my talk with you. I hope it touches you!

Please share this video with as many people as possible and with every social media and group you’re involved with.

The goal is to have this talk goes viral so TED management recognizes the demand and highlights the video on their main page as one of the MOST POPULAR talks. This could lead to millions around the world watching it and consequently LIVES could be changed. That might be your positive contribution to such a massive catastrophe. As I say in my TEDx talk, “Unmuting the voices of the oppressed should never be an option, but rather an obligation”.

Together we can unmute and amplify the voices of the voiceless so the public is informed and justice can be achieved.

I hope you enjoy it!


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